Video Game Charity Event

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Video Game Charity Event

Post by Megan D on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:14 pm

This event is similar to the karaoke event at Hamacon where we could have a game set up (like FNAF or Smash Bros.) and people could pay to play the game and pay double to replace someone playing. It could go in 15 minute cycles where Minute 1 = $1, then someone would have to pay $2 to replace someone, then $4 and so forth. If someone pays in at Minute 14 they would have to pay $1 when the clock restarts.

Trevor likes the idea but wants to see a working model before approving it. That is why I'm preparing a committee.

We also need to discuss questions like: Are we going to stream it? and Who will be the recipient of the donations?

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